SODAQ Mbili 1284P


SODAQ Mbili (Arduino compatible ATmega 1284P)

We have designed the new SODAQ Mbili (which means Two in Swahili) with all the input we got from our early adopters.

What’s so great about the Mbili?

1284P Microcontroller

The Atmega 1284P is the ‘big brother’ of the 328P. It has all the memory and program space you have been hoping for.

  • 128kB flash for your programs (that’s 4x more than the 328P)
  • 16kB memory (that’s 8x more!)

It’s still a picopower chip, so it is ideal for low (solar) power applications. You can still program it with the Arduino IDE. The bootloader has been patched and the hardware files are available. Just recompile your sketches and you are ready to go.

Other Key Features:

  • Two hardware serials (allowing USB and the Bee module to work at the same time).
  • Micro SD card slot has been added for storage (as well as the existing Flash memory).
  • Grove switched row now switches VCC (on the Moja it was switching GND). Allowing for unpowered modules to be connected to the switched row as well.
  • Additional I/O lines have been added, in total there are: 6 analog lines, 10 digital lines, two serial ports and the l2C  which are available through the Grove sockets.
  • Switchable powersupply for the GPRSbee. Allowing for better control and complete power down of the GPRSbee module (saving several µAmps).
  • For the pros, a JTAG interface has been added as well as a few more LEDs.
  • A super-capacitor has been added for the Real Time Clock. This allows the RTC to remain ticking (for several days) after the battery has been removed.
  • Two machined 2 slots to tie-wrap down the Bee module!
  • The board still runs on 8MHz and at 3.3V.

We have produced a first batch which we are shipping now.

The final production will be available from February 1st 2015.

For more information drop us an e-mail at

You can order yours now at our webshop: or at

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